Kim G-fashion.jpg

Kim G.

I wanted to thank you so much again for yesterday's shoot! It was so great working with you and loved having the direction and time you put forth in the shoot! I am so excited to see the pictures and meet with you soon


Taquita T.

We've been enjoying the pics. Your photos did a great job capturing Taquita's energy. We are very happy clients. thx again.

May C IMG_3653.JPG

May C.

I was oddly surprised by how great the shots came out. Oddly because I usually dread taking pictures and do not really consider myself 'photogenic'. I suppose intuitive eyes and skillful direction can go a long way to bringing out natural beauty. Thank you so much Ken for helping me market myself and my service!



from Brazil

"Agradeço a todos os amigos, colegas, fãs e familiares, que estão curtindo e postando coments sobre as novas fotos de Ken Weingart, superb professional!

Hoje aqui em Los Angeles, é Valentine´s Day, dia dos namorados, então, deixo aqui alguns nomes para o próximo cd, inspirado pelo significado da data, e vocês decidem ok?




um beijo grande!"

"You re the best Ken! just love the photos, tks" x

Wendy Sure --Torah_MG_2803.jpg


Ken is truly a very gifted and talented photographer! I recently launched a brand new website to promote my small business, and hired Ken to capture my essence with a touch of a button (or two). Wow! He did an amazing job and I am so grateful. I highly recommend Ken for anyone who is interested in top notch quality at affordable rates!

George H IMG_5325.jpg

George H.

Dear Ken

I am absolutely blown away by these pictures, they are so good, mite not even need retouching on the serious ones but certainly for the smile ones because of the teeth, just need a little more time to pick the top two but exelent job i will try to recommend you.

Thanks again


Alexandra P.

I got my singer CD photos done with Ken and I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the entire process. From beginning to end he was professional, approachable, concerned about my comfort/needs and really understood the importance of giving me the best shots. I felt I was in the right place. Throughout the shoot he worked to gain a better understanding of how I wanted to appear. Then we made it happen. It was truly a worthwhile investment. ;) The result was an overwhelming amount of classy, inspiring, professional headshots that I and others in my circle were very pleased and proud of. Ken was able to capture an array of authentic looks/characters through me and for me. I highly recommend him as your potential photographer for headshots. You will not regret it!! 5 star experience.


Sonja I.

"My photoshoot with Ken was by far the best I've ever had. The shoot was fun and relaxed and I for once got exactly what I asked for. I am usually scared to look at my pictures when I get them back, because I know, I'll have a hard time finding a few good ones. This time, I couldn't find one bad one. I'm glad I finally found my photographer and I would recommend Ken to anyone! - Sonja



Hi Ken,

These look amazing! Wow, I am so impressed. I will call you end of week. Still going through our month-end close here.

Thanks again!

Fatana W IMG_0713.jpg

Fatana W.

Thanks you so much dear Ken!! God bless your hands for your great work. I like them a lot:)

Please let me know how to go about and develop them. I will take your recommendations for your friend that you mentioned in your form. I also want to look at the other shots and will keep the rest in case in the future I decided to retouch it for myself or just to keep them.

Thanks again,

Take care,


Dear Ken and Uzmee,

Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to help me with my future career. I truly enjoyed the photo shoot and your great personality and sense of humor. This is only the first step of my career. I look forward to working with you guys in the future. I will put myself out there and hope to be blessed with your creative magical talents and lots of luck.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

Best regards,

Love Fatana


Theresa B.

Ken Weingart is a joy to work with because he makes the actual shoot so easy. He gets a great picture without making you feel like you're working at all. For an author like me, who spends more time in front of a laptop than a camera, Ken's laid back, yet skillful manner, makes him a fabulous photographer." The pictures are soooo good, but we did narrow it down to four to be retouched.


Lynn Marie P.

You are the most TALENTED-ARTiSTIC Photographer of all find the beauty & you share it through your gift!


Lara F.

After a long and arduous search across the internet, I soon discovered that there were thousands of photographers who had no idea what they were doing. I looked through stiff and jilted poses, unnatural smiles, weird imposed backgrounds, and confusing lighting. I looked through local establishments, state-wide, and finally decided I would have to search country-wide. That’s when I stumbled upon Ken’s website. A quick perusal of his gallery proved it rife with each of my qualifications. The lighting was natural yet flattering, the expressions were soft and familiar yet professional, the physical appearance of his clients were accurately captured while exhibiting the potential for change necessary in performing arts headshots, and finally, multiple pictures of the same person were different enough to create the duality of a diverse portfolio.

From there all of my high expectations were met or exceeded. Ken’s location was lovely and easy to find. In addition, he provided a makeup artist at a reasonable price giving me one less item on my to-do list. His ability to make someone feel comfortable at a shoot is, I’ve no doubt, without definite bounds. His manner is easy, his sense of humor is infectious, and his photography is stunning.

As far as editing the images goes, he works quickly and flawlessly. I use my headshots from Ken for everything from my comp card to my résumé to my yearbook page to my Facebook profile! I will definitely be returning for more!

Gene GIMG_4447.jpg

Gene G.

Thank you for an awesome day it was a lot of fun! I will sing praises of your skills and patience to others that come into my path.


Justin W.

"My Fitness shots are amazing" Ken was so much fun to work with during my shoot. I traveled all the way down from San Francisco because I knew that Ken will do magical work and "I was absolutely right". He is worth every penny and more...I would highly recommend Ken to anyone looking for headshots. I am still in acting school and this is just the beginning of my career…I will put myself out there with Ken’s creative work of art.

“I would love to shoot with you in the future Ken”. YOU ROCK!

Angela H00442_063.jpg

Angela H.

Hi, Ken.

I would like to do another session sometime, because your work and eye is perfect!

Coleen L_MG_3415.jpg

Coleen L.


Wow! How do you make me look so good? I love working with you too! Thank you so much for squeezing me in before your trip! I am so happy with the photos! Let me know when you are back and I'll bring my fiancé in for his headshots!



Karen P.

I recently resumed my modeling career and have been photographed by many talented photographers. Ken's photos were absolutely spectacular. He is clearly is the best. Ken is not just an amazingly talented photographer, but also has such amazing enthusiasm, is incredibly helpful, and easy to work with. I asked for a suggestion for makeup artist and he referred me to the best makeup artist I have met yet. The entire experience with Ken is top notch. He will be my first choice to shoot with again. I highly recommend Ken as the best photographer I have ever worked with.

DIOR J_MG_6706-retouched.jpg

Dior J.

Ken is a charismatic photographer. He is passionate and fun and really knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. He is very thorough in communication and does everything in a timely and professional manner while still making you feel like an old friend. I would happily shoot with him again.


Erica B.

It is always great to hear from you! I am extremely flattered to have my photo on your website. I will be in touch soon for another shoot. Hope all is well.

RICK W IMG_1186.jpg

Rick W.

Thanks Ken. Looking at the rest of the photos, I see how outstanding your work is. And being next to Robt Sean Leonard is a kick!


Mary HD

What a fabulous honor to work with such an incredible photographer!

Ken is an absolute gem in the entertainment industry and with such a vibrant energy -that is an absolute pleasure to work and be around!

The vision in his art is meticulous, to create photographic masterpieces which are both classic and unique.

I personally, highly recommended to all if you are looking to work with the very best!! You will be immensely pleased with the results of Ken's genius work as his work ethic is unparalleled!

I look immensely forward to our next shoot Ken ❤️

MaryRose T_MG_9935.JPG

Maya Rose T.

My experience with Ken was so much fun, from deciding which looks to go with, to the actual photoshoot, to looking through the wonderful photos he took. I was so impressed with the high quality and unique style of the product. It is rare to find someone who makes a photoshoot so comfortable, and I would certainly suggest him to anyone looking for headshots and/or full-body shots for modeling.

Redhead-Alisa V-IMG_5790.jpg

Alisa V.

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos. I love the lighting and am so thrilled with the results! You are so very talented and I've told everyone I can think of about you.

After narrowing down my favorites, I've chosen image 5790 for my new headshot. Could you lightly retouch for me? I trust your judgement as to what needs to be done.

I'm looking forward to working with you again.

Thank you,

Alisa V

Mariea M..jpg

My time in Los Angeles was very brief, but as always, very exhilarating. I was recently there on a shoot with a friend of mine. She wanted some professional, high-quality headshots taken and after much research she found Ken. We flew from Michigan to get photos taken at Ken's studio. I was just there to be of assistance to my friend; however, I also ended up getting a few photos taken. My, am I happy I did! I have some killer shots now, which I've already gotten leverage out of. I recently used one of my photos Ken took to create my business card. I have received positive feedback from my agents in regards to the photos, and I'm happy with them which is the most important part. Ken's also a really nice guy and we bonded almost immediately. He's a very particular type of guy; very neat, very organized, and very detail oriented. I could tell this because he gave me the instructions for his newly bought iron. These instructions were highlighted, underlined, and clearly had been read a few times. It made me smile and just from that little interaction, I knew I was in a good environment. While getting my shots taken he knew how to talk to me and tell me what position looked good and how to angle myself. I felt confident because I knew he was confident and he knew exactly what he was doing. I was also fortunate enough to work with his highly-recommended makeup & hair stylist, Tatiana. They are a perfect team and will take care of you. I look forward to working with you again, Ken & Tatiana. xxx

Annie G_MG_9891.JPG

Annie G.


It was so much a delight to work with you! And a magical day it truly was. I believe people are connected to the elements. It must have been our creative bounce back of ideas and energy that inspired the sunlight to stay for the time it did!

Retouching is not a bad idea. What would that service rate be?

In gratitude,




I admire your talent very much and the photos you have taken of the actresses I love are beautiful.